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solsuna ayurvedic yoga massage deep tissue massage facial guasha manual lymphatic drainage massage


aym | lymphatic guasha | chavutti yoga massage

bodywork therapist and ayurvedic nutritionist

thu | fri

08:00 - 21:00

Specialising in Ayurvedic yoga massage with deep tissue massage and lymphatic drainage massage, and Gua Sha facial lymph drainage massage. I aim to use massage therapeutically for musculoskeletal pain and aid with digestion and organ health. I am also of the belief that massage therapy is great for depression, creating a connection with mind body and spirit, and massage therapy is great for eliminating work and personal stress. Tension and anxiety manifests itself in the body and with massage therapy, over time, we can work on eradicating pain throughout your body. Massage therapy can also be used for auto-immune disorders like Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Multiple Sclerosis, soothing symptoms and bringing a sense of wellbeing to sufferers by subduing the pathways that increase inflammation and that antagonise the immune system in autoimmune disorders. For me massage is much more than soothing muscles after a long hard day, it’s essential for a healthy mind and body. It’s also important for me to keep learning and studying and keeping abreast of current massage techniques and the use of massage therapy for mental and physical health.  


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