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visiting therapist

aym | chakra balancing | aromatouch

queen's park

sunday 11am - 6pm

Yoga Teaching, Massage Therapy and Reiki has taken me onto an incredible journey of learning about human form from not only physical side but also mental and spiritual. That is something I integrate in my yoga classes and my massage technique and share with my clients. The client's health, happiness and well-being is very important to me.

I have been practising yoga for the last 10 years and teaching for 2 years. I first started practising yoga as part of my gym plan and immediately started feeling the benefits. My concentration improved immensely, my back stopped hurting and I gained more flexibility in my whole body. I carried on with the practice and integrated parts of yoga into my daily life. Seeing all the benefits and the way my life developed and improved, I decided to enrol into the Yoga Teaching Course with Mahala Yoga©.  I practise and teach Hatha Yoga with focus on Chakras. 

This naturally led me to Yoga Therapy - a practice that helps with recovering or living with injuries or illnesses using specific yoga practices.

I decided that I will become a massage therapist once I tried Ayurvedic Yoga Massage. I simply wanted to share the wonderful feeling I got after the massage and became fully qualified AYM massage therapist.

I continuously explore how the body moves and how the muscles work together, through studying anatomy and physiology of the body.  I apply all the knowledge gained to my yoga classes as well as massage. All of the disciplines beautifully compliment each other.

I always listen to the client first and treat second as this helps to develop a connection and level of trust between the therapist and the client.

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