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As a naturally tactile and sensitive person, I have always loved massage and found it deeply relaxing to both give and receive. After travelling in South East Asia and Latin America throughout my early twenties, I knew I needed to manifest the experiences I had into a line of work that continued to nourish me and provide me with the sense of calm, healing, culture and adventure that I had found in the amazing places I had been. I had received so many beautiful healing modalities myself, deepened my yoga practice and explored more spiritual, holistic approaches to bodywork and wellbeing; all of which led me to the decision to practise massage professionally.


I discovered Ayurvedic Yoga Massage (AYM) when returning to the UK, and knew it was the modality I wanted to learn. AYM was developed in India by Master Kussum Modak, who combined her yoga training with B. K. S. Iyengar with her traditional Ayurvedic massage practice to create a style of massage which not only eases tension with deep, flowing strokes into the muscles using oils and an Ayurvedic herb, but also stretches out the muscles with powerful assisted yoga poses. AYM is a floor-based practice which requires no previous experience of yoga or a particular level of flexibility, just the willingness to participate in gentle movement and a few simple postures. The combination of massage and stretches can feel deeply relaxing yet energising and grounding, for both the giver and reciever. It is a beautiful and collaborative style of massage.

 I trained with the AYM institute in 2018 and have since been massaging in Bristol, London, Portugal, Bulgaria and most recently India. I have massaged at festivals, on beaches, up mountains and in clients’ homes; experiences which have all uniquely contributed to my practice and helped me to develop and grow as a versatile AYM practitioner. 


In addition to my massage experience I also have a background in theatre and performance, and have a strong interest and understanding of what it is to use your body creatively and to tell stories, express ideas, convey characters and make art. Many of my clients are creative professionals who are looking to take time for themselves and come back to their bodies. I have found that being a creative person can mean a lot of outward expression and a lot of giving, but if we forget to look after ourselves our work can suffer. 

Massage can be an amazing way to replenish, reset and remember the amazing bodies we have, especially if our muscles are overcompensating, when we aren't moving mindfully, when we are on our feet for most of the day or are over-exerting our bodies consecutive days at a time. I am interested in effective use of the body through practices like Pilates, Alexander Technique and the Unfold Technique, all of which take into consideration the whole body, and using it in a collaborative way which is gentle and therefore sustainable. 


Our relationship to our bodies and our wellbeing is so precious, especially for those of us living in busy, bustling cities. Even if it’s just taking the time to scan your body, to drink herbal tea, to stretch, to smell some nice smells, to turn off screens, and to breathe; we are an ancient species and our bodies and brains are not designed for the constant stimulation the modern world gives us. I believe massage can be an amazing antidote to this and I endeavour to provide a time of calm, space and relaxation for every body I work with.




“Eve was very professional and welcoming. She delivered one of the best massages I’ve ever had, gently guiding me from position position. Highly recommended-10/10.” Chloe, Wilderness Festival


"Awesome massage from a lovely human." Mark, Bristol


“Eve is an amazingly caring and gentle practitioner. Always checking in with me and my body during our session, to ensure I had the best experience.10/10 would recommend and use again!” Savannah, Bristol


"Blissful." Sam, London

“Eve is not only super sweet and wonderfully warm but gives you an experience as opposed to just a massage. Her 90 minute Ayurvedic Yoga massage is not to be missed.” Chloella, London

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