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Lovely words from some of my clients

Never have I had such an excellent massage before! After seeking help with severe shoulder and back pains as a result of a poor posture that comes with working on a laptop all day, Therapist Joy recommended a combination of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi and Ayuverdic massage techniques to great effect (I had never heard of either before I met her, having only experienced Thai table or deep tissue massage in the past to limited effect). The magic of the relaxing flow from the Lomi Lomi combined with the stretching and deep tissue work of the Ayuverdic massage really helped bring me relief with my troubled back and shoulders, but left me feeling so relaxed afterwards I nearly fell asleep! (The beautiful music she was playing really helped too!) Afterwards, she even offered me some advice of simple stretches to ease the tension in my neck that until now had been an all too real fact of life for me.

I'm really grateful to her for helping to bring some real measure of comfort back to my daily life, and will definitely be coming again soon.

Joy, if you're reading this, thank you!

Joy is the most caring massage therapist I’ve ever come across.
She will go the extra mile to understand your body mechanic and try to untie your knots in the long run.
Don’t be fooled by her petite frame, she actually has the strength of a professional male wrestler when she needs to.
As a very competitive martial artist, my body very often requires maintenance.
Having someone who knows my long term injuries and my muscle structure is invaluable.
She has helped me keep my body proficient in the run up to competitions and also recover faster during the off season.
Whether you’re a professional athlete, working in an office all day or a busy stay-at-home mum, Joy will be able to relieve the pressure and stress from your day to day life with her magical hands!
I couldn’t recommend her more, you will feel the benefit of her massages over time!

Sam Kerr

Hélène Lo
Head of Product data at L’ORÉAL
Competitive Martial Artist

After having spend the majority of my life as a competitive athlete, i've accumulated many different injuries and problems with my body's performance over the years. I had been really turned off my sports massage in the UK after a few bad experiences, and so saved my money for training trips abroad where I would get massages as and when I could.

Before a recent competition I came across The Little Satori and decided to give their deep tissue massage a try as it was so convenient to reach from my house (I live in the area).

Without a doubt this was the best massage I ever had. My therapist Joy greeted me at the door and immediately made me feel at ease with her demeanour (other professional massage studios often can be a little clinical, in my experience). After filling out a quick form and a chat about my issues, Joy set me up on the massage table in her quiet and very comfortable studio. Not only was she incredibly knowledgeable about the body, she was able to zero in on all my issues very quickly and by the end had me feeling relaxed, looser and even a little energised by the whole experience.

I will definitely be going back to The Little Satori soon, and I think i've already recommended Joy to all my friends and family. You won't regret making a booking here.

Joy has been my therapist for quite sometime now. I get regular massage done and after a lot of sessions with various therapists I decided to hold on to Joy. I personally think she's excellent in her field and knows exactly how to make you feel relaxed and calm. The after effects of the session prove the sincerity with which Joy does her job. I absolutely love her!!! I wish her all the success, health and wealth in the years to come!!!

Aaron Hinchliffe
Head Muay Thai Instructor at London Fight Factory
Competitive Martial Artist

Vidushi Jain

Joy has been my masseuse for the last year, as I have lower back/sciatica issues along with very tight shoulders. I have always lived in London, and it has been very difficult to find a good masseuse. I need deep tissue massages to relieve tension in my back and have seen many therapists over the years with little success. I was recommended Joy by my trainer and she exceeded my expectations. Joy consistently provides massages at an excellent standard, listens to your needs and provides helpful advice on stretches that can be done in your own time . . . She is very active in developing her skills which is reflective in her treatments. Highly recommend!

Excellent service. We have been clients since before Joy had this location for Deep Flow Therapy. We love the treatments. Great for both mind and body. Most of my family have also had treatment from Joy and they all rave about the treatments. You won't be disappointed.


Mihir Bajoria

I’ve been looking for massages that both relive muscle tension and calms the mind, after many mediocre and disappointing experiences, Joy’s magical treatments did more than I expected.

I had Ayurvedic Yoga massage from her, the flow and deep pressure was constant, the stretching part is like assisted yoga which is so beneficial and enjoyable, the powder she used on the body exfoliates the skin and revived circulation.
It left me feeling tuned, reset, and ready to take on the busy life again.

I’ve recommended her treatment to so many people, definitely a staple if you have a stressful lifestyle.

She is an artist!


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