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An energy-releasing deep tissue massage incorporating techniques from Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Ayurvedic Yoga Massage, Thai Massage, Chavutti Thirumal, and Sports Massage. This rejuvenating treatment is performed using nourishing grapeseed, sunflower seed, cocoa butter oil, with the option of adding essential oils carefully blended to suit the unique constitution of each client. 


Our Signature Deep Flow Therapy Massage begins with a deep grounding pressure applied deeply on the soles of the feet, working up the body with slow and firm rocking movements to lull the body and mind into a state of trance. Once in a relaxed state, the therapist begins the dynamic stage of the treatment using warm oil to glide and sweep along the energy lines using strong and broad flowing strokes with hands and feet to raise the energy level throughout the body.


During the therapeutic stage, deep “excavation” is performed on tension points in the body using steady pressure and assisted stretches, gently unlocking any physical, mental and emotional restrictions, and adapted to send the client into a deep state of relaxation. This treatment ends with a deeply relaxing, bliss-inducing head massage and face massage.

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