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lymphatic guasha massage

Lymphatic Drainage is a manual therapy that uses focused rhythmic movements in the direction of lymph flow. It encourages the lymph channels to boost the flow of lymph and drain excess fluid from the body. It not only has specific benefits for many health conditions but is a beautiful treatment for relaxing the body and reducing stress and anxiety. 

Gua Sha translates into Scraping Toxins. A gorgeous Traditional Chinese Medicine facial massage dating back to the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Gua Sha uses the facial reflex zone and lymphatic meridian lines to promote drainage and healthy skin. A very fashionable trend right now, many use Gua Sha for anti-aging. I do not promote anti-aging, I endorse positive aging, working with what we have to encourage a fresh, firm and hydrated complexion and healthy skin. Though this therapy is great with supporting a more youthful appearance, Gua Sha is so much more than aesthetics, it works on the facial reflex zone to aid healthy organs and we can discuss further the many benefits Gua Sha can bring into your life. 

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