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Massaging has always come naturally to me, seeing smiles on people faces afterwards feels incredibly rewarding. My background and professional path are rich in variety, allowing me to have a unique and individual approach to each of my clients.

Currently, apart from being Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Therapist, I am also Kundalini Yoga Teacher in training, and teach online at Joy Yoga School in London.

I’ve experienced lots of different types of bodywork but in Ayurvedic Yoga Massage I felt like I found the perfect method to truly bring together all my training and life experience, my natural skills and approach to life.

I put all my heart and talent to every treatment – each of my clients is a special client to me.

I invite you to experience the magic of Ayurvedic Yoga Massage with me!


Like yoga, AYM treatments can look very different, as we adjust the treatments to the needs of different clients on different days. The style of each session is adjusted to serve client needs, so sessions can be more or less dynamic, deep, energetic, slow, nurturing and soothing. The aim of the sessions is to help the client feel more centred, and the energy to flow more freely through the body. This might include some deep oil massage, and stretches if appropriate for the client, like something that might be included in a sports massage, physio or osteo treatment. But, in the tradition of Ayurveda, we seerecognise that it is not only the quality of the soft tissues that we need to work with. Our state of mind and our feelings are not independent of how we feel in our physical bodies. So our primary objective is always to work in a way that allows the client to feel relaxed and safe in their body, and able to breathe deeply. As part of that process, we work to create a safe and nurturing space for the client, and we also try to activate the breathing muscles, relax the tissues around the rib cage, abdomen and pelvis, and promote awareness of the breath. Then we focus on physically softening any tension in the muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia, and to promote healthy joint mobility, by encouraging the nervous system to relax, as well as by physically manipulating tissues with oil massage, passive stretches, tractions and mobilisations as appropriate. By helping clients feel more safe, supported and well in their bodies we can also help reduce stress levels, and promote the healthy function of all the body’s systems.


Treatments are sometimes focused on the area where there is an injury or pain, but generally we do tend to work with the whole body, as everything is interconnected through the nervous system, fascia, circulation and through our movement patterns. So depending on what the client’s priorities are, we usually recommend a series of treatments to help promote the health of the whole body, and to help work on the causes of the issues that the client wants to work on."


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I’ve been so very privileged to have had many massages in my 55 years.. and the last two where by a sports therapists. However.. May I try to recount my experience of quite the most unexpected hour and a half treatment where.. it was almost as if I was massaging my own self. Knowing where the work and time was needed.. pressure and – what I can only describe as kneading out a build up of very crystallised knits and points that are agony.. It is a higher ordained experience to receive the treatment from Joti – the consummate and over and above organised professional. Prepared and ready with everything required for any eventuality. Her knowledge of the requirements for me as her client – she’d carefully worked hard on in her perpetration and quickly set down to achieve the working area with outstanding swift and respect. I was astonished as to how she had transformed our space with awesome and natural ease. She explained everything what I needed to be aware of.. and prepared me for the most valuable outcome of her work. She created a sense of safety and total respect – using her voice.. and providing sounds, oils and adjusting pure cotton cloths, a warming blanket as she worked on me throughout my massage session ensuring pressure was correct and listening to any issues. So here is why I will endorse her and promote her : I have never known anyone to work on me without any pain or forcing the difficulties that our bodies present at times. As I tried to explain: it was as if it was me myself knowing what I needed and exactly what I required. Breathing and stretching: all on the exact point as to requirement. I was left feeling like I’d been reopened and agile, my mobility eased zinging with open energy and revivement.
Joti was meant for sharing and providing her immense gift and calling. Thank you Joti for working with me today. You’re incredibly gifted and I’m so blessed for your helping me with your beautiful knowledge hands and careful love !
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