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Osteo - Thai massage integrates western physical body knowledge with the heritage and art of traditional Thai massage. It centres on the mind-body energy system, a holistic principle embracing the polarity and duality of being, the relationship between the body and the mind, between emotions and wellbeing, between stress and physical conditions.


Our body absorbs and stores trauma. Fascia, connecting the whole of our physical body, is more susceptible to this, weakening or tightening, maybe limiting movement and muscle function with potential misalignment of the skeletal system and which can be extremely painful. My treatment focuses on releasing it, using a variety of techniques.


The treatment is nurturing, relaxing yet energising, delivered with loving kindness and care. I use Thai massage principles and techniques working the sen lines. The stretches are done dynamically, releasing joints and muscles, usually in an oscillating manner, varying the intensity of the pressure, according to your body’s needs, to leave you feeling light and truly cared for. Additionally a variety therapeutic points are stimulated. There is also the use of rebozo to help the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system to promote relaxation and the feeling of safety and comfort.


This is a non - oil, clothed treatment and requires freedom of movement, so loose fitting and comfortable clothing, preferably cotton, should be worn. Clothing is provided if you need.

dynamic osteo thai massage

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