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This healing session considers the whole person. Their spirit, aura, emotions, mind and whole body.


The treatment begins with a consultation with the client to understand their needs. The therapist then prepares the client for the treatment by warming up the skin and fascia on the body by creating a vacuum and suction with the cups and using dynamic movements with the cups to stretch and stimulate the body, creating a soothing sensation and relieving tension in the muscles.


Static cupping is then performed by the therapist using multiple cups on areas of the body with chronic tension to deepen the release, bringing stagnant blood caused by muscle tightness to the surface of the epidermis. This increases blood flow and circulation, encouraging tissue repair and releasing of toxins. During static cupping, reiki is performed by the therapist to enhance the effects of the treatment.


Through her reiki practice, Magda aims to assist her clients with the releasing and balancing of trapped energies so that the new may come in. Old limiting mindsets, emotional and physical patterns start to shift, allowing for greater peace, harmony, and well-being to be experienced.

dry cupping + reiki

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