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Chavutti thirumal is a treatment using foot pressure and oil to glide along the energy lines of the body. A powerful massage practiced by practitioners of the martial arts form Kalaripayattu from Kerala to aid in their recovery process between their martial arts training. The practitioner uses rope as support while applying foot pressure with varying intensity and dynamism to iron out the body, and flushing stagnation from the system.

Combining both chavutti thirumal and ayurvedic yoga massage therapies, the chavutti yoga massage is a wonderful and hugely beneficial treatment. After a short discussion regarding the level of intensity of massage, the therapist will use 100% organic oils to warm and massage the body, focusing on problem areas. Techniques using traction, feet, fists, knuckles and elbows are used to make you feel anew and refreshed after a session. This particular therapy is great for regular weekly treatments as it follows the Ayurvedic principles of prevention of diseases rather than cure.


This treatment is floor mat based. 

chavutti thirumal + ayurvedic yoga massage fusion

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